loss of the ability to swallow
Hypernyms: ↑pathology

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\\əˈfāj(ē)ə, aˈ-\ noun (-s)
Etymology: New Latin, from a- (II) + -phagia
1. : loss of the ability to swallow
2. : an inability to feed — used of the state of certain insect imagos (as mayflies) in which the adult is dependent on reserves stored during larval life and takes no food

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/euh fay"jee euh/, n. Pathol.
difficulty or pain in swallowing.
[1865-70; A-6 + -PHAGIA]

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aphagia /ə-fāˈj(i-)ə/ (medicine and zoology)
1. Inability or unwillingness to swallow or eat
2. (of the imago of certain insects) inability to feed
ORIGIN: Gr a- (privative), and phagia, from phagein to eat

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